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With a shared passion for life, excellence, integrity, and professionalism, Christopher Evans and Bill Socha purchased the Turtle Club Coastal Tavern & Claw Bar in June 2015. Located in sunny Punta Gorda, Florida and renowned for its great food, atmosphere and gracious hospitality, the Turtle Club inspired Bill’s vision to create a sister restaurant with its own great food, unique character & atmosphere in upstate NY, hence the creation of The Glass Tavern.

Much of The Glass Tavern is constructed utilizing reclaimed material from Bill’s grandparent’s farm on Waite Road in Clifton Park.  One example is the bar top which showcases multicolored slate roof tiles taken from the Kopacki Farm milk house.  Under the guidance of master builder, Jerry Flynn, two barns from Lake Luzerne were leveled and the beautiful weathered wood can be found throughout The Glass Tavern.  Jerry created a design plan with both Bill and Chris and then his team executed the carefully laid out vision for the space. The result is a triad of eye pleasing comfortable spaces that invite guests to linger and relax.

By creating spaces with their own look, identity and ambiance, The Glass Tavern offers unique experiences that will appeal to all our guests! Families, friends and business associates will come together here with other like-minded folks to discover comfort, character, quality, and a special place to call “home”.

Our philosophy of “Hometown Hospitality” is a driving force behind all we do and centers around making our guests feel well cared for, while they’re at our establishment as well as after they’ve gone. That is our first priority. Our intent is to achieve this by exceptional service, consistent, fresh, quality products, and a unique atmosphere!

We sincerely hope that you enjoy your Glass Tavern experience.


Christopher Evans & Bill Socha

Christopher R. Evans


Christopher R. Evans


“When I was a kid, I didn’t really know what I wanted to be,” Chris Evans once confessed. “But I always admired my grandfather, F.M. ‘Don’ Donelson. Entrepreneurship runs in my veins, I guess.”

In the 1970s, Donelson developed Fishermen’s Village, a commercial flagship for Southwest Florida’s fastest-growing retirement and tourism hub, Punta Gorda. Today, Evans seems well on his way to equaling his grandfather’s track record.

In 2000, Evans got his start as operations manager for a small Minneapolis manufacturing firm. The next year, he returned to Punta Gorda as Chief Operations Officer for his family’s business. He spearheaded, and was the driving force behind significant growth and increased business interests. He and his partners launched a 38,000 sq ft mix use building, a Marina Management company, a full service printing company, a 530 seat waterfront restaurant, an event management company, and a philanthropic organization.

Three years ago, he made a fresh start, expanding into a personal career as a restaurateur. In rapid succession, he and New York developer William Socha opened three highly rated restaurants in two states: The Turtle Club and F.M. Don’s (Partnering with Executive Chef Keith Meyer) in Punta Gorda, and The Glass Tavern in Socha’s 60,000-square-foot mixed-use space in Glenville, Schenectady County, NY.

Winner of the inaugural Punta Gorda Police Department Community Alliance Award in 2012, Evans continues to be involved in Punta Gorda community development projects, including multifamily and a memory facility in the wealthy harbor front community.

In spring 2017, Evans and Socha launched SoEva Hospitality Group, a management-company umbrella for its three enterprises, and more to come.

“Our culture is simple, a genuine desire to meet and exceed the expectations of our guests.” – Christopher R. Evans


Christopher R. Evans
Christopher R. Evans
Chef Yair de la Rosa


Yair de la Rosa


Yair de la Rosa began his culinary career at young age working in Mexico City in restaurants managed by his parents. He relocated to New York City in 2002 and started working as dishwasher while attending English classes at the Hotel Pennsylvania.

A few years later he moved to Naples, Florida and worked with his brother who was working as an Executive Chef for the Amici Italian Restaurant. While Yair was working as a line cook he continued his studies in Culinary Arts at Lorenzo Walker Technical College.

After completing his studies, he began working at The Turtle Club in Naples, and its sister restaurant, The Bay House, and eventually joining the The Turtle Club in Punta Gorda as a Chef.

One of Yair’s biggest culinary inspirations is New York City’s James Beard House and he wants to bring that same level of service to The Glass Tavern and The Turtle Club.

Yair believes in the American Dream and says that when you do something you love that good always comes from it. He is excited to put his culinary touches to work at The Glass Tavern!


Chef Yair de la Rosa
Chef Yair de la Rosa